The Story of the Genie Girls | Genie Girls


One day a little girl was exploring the attic of her house and as she wandered around the room, she started to think if there was one thing in this world that she could wish for, what would it be? And right at that moment she discovered a dusty chest hidden in the corner...

As she lent in closer she could hear tiny murmurs of voices coming from the bottles within the chest. Each bottle then started shaking, jumping up and down with glee.

As the girl held a bottle in her hands, she blew a kiss and with that released the most magical being, a Genie Girl!

One by one the girl set each genie free and in return for her kind deed, they rewarded her by granting her secret wish!

Since this day hundreds of Genie Girls have been found... it’s up to you to set them free!

Meet the Genies