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You will find the Luckies all over the globe: hidden at the end of a rainbow; underneath a four leaf clover; and tucked away inside a fortune cookie. This special group of Genies enjoy bringing happiness and good fortune to everyone who finds them. So, cross your fingers, close your eyes and make a wish!

Meet the Luckies

Bursting with feelings, the Emoshies are full of character, they love to laugh, love attention and sharing with each other. Together, they make one big family but each Emoshie is totally different. Some are bright and bubbly, others are a little more shy. No matter how you feel, there’s always a Genie to share it with, and help you on your way!

Meet the Emoshies

The Earthies are some of the oldest Genies to exist, they are said to have been around since the start of time. Don’t worry about their age though, they are some of the wisest Genies around. They are strong, courageous and no challenge is ever too big. So, take your dreams of the future to these Genies and find out how they can help you!

Meet the Earthies

There are loads of Genies in the enchanting world of Genie Girls, find them all here! Who's your favourite?

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The Naturals love to be outdoors: feeling the summer’s breeze; smelling the sweet blossom; and flying free. They are calm, gentle and kind Genies who love everything mother nature has to offer. To find them: take a wander through the flowers and listen for the soft music of their songs.

Meet the Naturals

Oceanas are free spirited Genies who flow with the ocean’s currents and ride the waves. The water is where they thrive, so watch it carefully and you will see these Genies having many fun-filled days. Make a wish to these Genies and you can be sure that the tides are turning for you!

Meet the Oceanas

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a Skyling Genie! These Genies love soaring through the skies and are all about girl power. They are strong and independent Genies who enjoy feeling free and will travel as far as their wings will take them to grant your wishes!

Meet the Skylings